The Art Of Intuitive Tattooing
A Guide for Intention, Ritual, and Healing in Tattoo Art


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…to The Art Of Intuitive Tattooing: A guide for Intention, Ritual & Healing in Tattoo art. Throughout this course we will take you on a journey that will guide tattoo artists and aspiring tattoo artists into the remembrance of the sacredness of tattooing, where tattoos are used as tools for healing and transformation.

We have developed 8 Chapters of information, guidance, tools and homework that we have found the most important in our own personal work as intuitive tattoo artists, and offer this guidance and information as a way for you to discover and deepen your own unique intuitive language, and uncover your inner healing power to use tattoo art as a form of sacred medicine.

Tattoos act as sacred symbols and hold such potent vibrational medicine that it wouldn’t make sense not to do this work with intention. It is through this process of intention, connection to Spirit, magic and ritual that we can harness the true power of this sacred healing art, and use it to create healing, shifts, and deeper alignment with one’s purpose. Tattoos can act as a tool or catalyst for clients to become embodied in their true essence, and open to receive what their soul is ready for, assisting them with their evolution.

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From the History of Tattooing in ancient times and it’s deep connection to feminine origins, we will take you on the journey of remembering the importance of this work and why the time is Now for this work to expand all over the world and become normalized, as the NewEarth way of tattooing.

We will offer you guidance and tools to create your own sacred space, work with and clear energy, and act as a channel to work with spirit to bring through images for your client and transform them into intentional tattoos, whilst being a conscious space holder with mindful connection to your clients.

We will guide you through the different forms of psychic power and how you can tune in to your own unique intuitive language so that you may work with, strengthen and expand your intuition and use it confidently within your practice.

From the plant, animal and mineral kingdom, to the elementals, sacred symbolism and creative alchemy we will outline our own personal tools for channelling and activating art in preparation for tattooing, and help you uncover your own resonance in the type of work you are being called to create.

We will remind you of the importance of simplicity and trust for your own intuition and your own journey that is so unique to you, whilst addressing the importance of boundaries and protection that is so essential within this practice, as well as how to be a conscious practitioner where sustainable practices can be achieved as we step away from a wasteful industry.

Each chapter will consist of a video, written information, tools and homework for you to complete at your own pace, in your own time. It will guide you back to confidence and trust so that you may step fully embodied into your purpose and follow the guidance towards your own work as an artist, and have a back up of support through an online portal where we can all connect, share, evolve and inspire one another along the way. We welcome you on this journey of self mastery, self discovery and awakening, for if you are reading this,you have heard the call and are ready to embark on a new journey into your hearts truest expression, and assist others in awakening to theirs.

Course Curriculum


The history of tattooing, setting your intentions for this course, & how to take this course.


The importance of creating sacred space, energy clearing, tools for space clearing & the art of altar building.


Sacred space holding & mirror work.


Our psychic channels, getting to know your channels, tools for connection & cultivating self-trust.


Sacred symbolism, self-study, developing your own intuitive language & activating art.


Sacred talismans, vibrational art & energy healing.


Conscious supplies, plant medicine, activating inks, types of tattooing, licensing & care.


Resources, getting licensed, self study & beginning your intuitive art practice.


Who Is This Course For?

This course is aimed at but not limited to tattoo artists, artists and those who aspire to be either. It is aimed at artists and healers wanting to expand and incorporate more purpose into their work, gain wisdom, knowledge and embody a deeper connection to their intuition and tattooing as a sacred art form.

How Do I Take This Course?

We have curated this course so that you have freedom to complete it at your own pace, in your own time. Before beginning you should have your own journal specifically for this course, so that you may take notes, write your own intentions, and document your practices along the way. It’s going to be really beautiful to witness your journey evolve since this course, and will be an amazing keepsake to look back on in years to come. The course is outlined very simply and straight forward, with an introductory video at the top of each chapter which will be your starting point. You will then go on to read the information provided, taking your own notes along the way and completing any practices and homework in relation to the chapter. We wouldn’t suggest doing more than one chapter in a day, especially those that involve some extensive homework and energy work, as doing energy work often requires integration periods, which can take days or weeks to fully integrate, so be gentle with yourself and don’t rush. Listen to your body’s needs along the way, and don’t hesitate to re-read chapters, or repeat homework over and over. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Will I learn the methods of practice and sanitation to perform tattooing on others?

The course does not cover the step-by-step hows of tattooing, and is not for anyone just wanting to learn how to tattoo. We are journeying deep into the innate wells of wisdom within, creating space to open to vast creative potential, learning how to hold healing space for others, and guiding to each find our own unique medicine as healing artists. This course will give you all the tools, inspiration and wisdom you need to take the next steps in becoming a fully licensed intuitive tattoo artist, but your license is handed to you by your government and requires different classes depending on your location.

Can I take this course if I do not have prior tattoo experience?

You do not need to be a licensed tattoo artist to take this course. You don’t even need to be an aspiring tattoo artist! You can apply the course content to any creative endeavor or simply your own self-development as an intuitive, creative being. We just strongly recommend anyone wishing to start their own intuitive tattoo practice to follow the steps to legally obtain their tattoo license in their location of practice (we touch on this more in Chapter 8). Tattooing is a minor surgery and should be practiced in a safe, legal, mindful way way for the protection of both the artist and their clients.


Ashley River Brant

Ashley is an intuitive tattoo artist, film photographer, illustrator, writer, and medicine woman based in Northern California. Ashley works with the Spirit of the natural elements, especially the flowers of our Earth, as well as the subtle energy field, The Divine Feminine (energy of love and creation), and sacred symbolism for deep healing in her work across all mediums. As an intuitive tattoo artist ashley’s focus is to assist her clients in awakening to their true power, and embody it, so that we may all heal, honor our gifts, open our hearts to the sacred, and align with our Divine soul purpose, authentic expression, and spiritual evolution. Ashley's Soul Tattoo ® Sessions offer powerful transformation through an intimate, safe, gentle, specially curated healing experience of ceremonial tattooing that is unique to each individual's soul needs, as collaboration between Ashley, the client, and Spirit.


Rachel Christensen

Rachel is an intuitive tattoo artist, energy worker and owner of Chrysalis Tattoo Alchemy which lies on the lush landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Rachel explores the diversity of spiritual transformation through her passion of practicing and acquiring knowledge in many different healing modalities, incorporating them into her own unique and intuitive practice as a tattoo artist, and within her day to day life. Through energy healing, vibrational medicine, sound healing, drum journeying and intuition, Rachel unites her healing work with intention, ritual and ceremony, bringing them into her tattoo sessions and using tattoos as a form of healing, spiritual transformation and soul alignment. Through her intuitive connection to Spirit, Rachel’s evolving tattoo work is often channelled for her clients based on their own unique personal energy signature, tailored with guidance and medicine from the elements and symbols within each piece, and activated with intentions that come through for each client. The elements focus strongly on the connection to healing botanicals, medicine plants, crystals, animals, and sacred symbolism. It is an alchemical process that acts as a sacred talisman, symbol and tool for transformation for thewearer, assisting them with the embodiment of their souls true essence, and supporting them on their own personal evolution and ascension.


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